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Hi, I'm Mike Schiano

You may know me as "The DebtBuster." I'm the Author of Spend Your Way to Wealth, (Allworth Press, NY). I write and teach about personal finance. I'm a regular guest on radio shows, podcasts and television shows like NBC’s iVillage Live, The Daily Buzz, Geraldo At Large, and WMFE TV

I've written and have been featured in articles for magazines, Web sites, newspapers, and blogs aimed at consumers like you who want to do better financially.

My nationally syndicated, daily radio program, The Money Minute with Mike was broadcast on over 350 radio stations nationwide and in 40 countries on the American Forces Radio Network each day. The program was nominated twice for a George Foster Peabody Award and I've been recognized by Talkers Magazine as one of America's TOP 250 Talk Radio hosts 4 straight years while hosting my Money Talk Radio Shows, The Mike Schiano Show, and Debt Free and InCharge.

My Mission

I help people avoid debt and get out of debt and I teach about managing money smarter. This site is for people who are ready to take action and change their financial circumstances.

As part of my mission, I've had the honor of presenting Give Yourself Credit workshops and key note talks to thousands of people across America including university students, businesses people, and hard working people just like YOU, as well as government employees including folks at NASA, The Department of Justice, The Department of Defense, The Office of Personnel Management, and EEOC

I study and interview successful people, look for what they know and what they do to manage their money successfully, like how they make money, stay out of debt and provide for their families, so I can pass this very important information along to you and your family to help you do better financially.

Let me be clear. I am not a Credit Counseling or Debt Settlement Company. We are not a debt consolidation company either.  I am also not a lawyer. If you are seeking legal advice I strongly urge you to utilize the services of a competent and licensed attorney in your State. I am an educator and promise to give you honest advice and help you make better financial decisions. If you need help with credit, getting out of debt, fixing your credit score, understanding credit cards and other loans, credit scores and credit reports, how to work with banks, collection agencies and other creditors so they don't take advantage of you, building a smart family budget (or a spending plan as I call it), or, you simply want some help in avoiding financial mistakes so you can grow a solid financial future for you and your family, then you've come to the right place.

We can help you if you are searching for Debt Counselling Service, debtcountselingservice.com, Debt Counselling Services Near Me, The Best Debt Counselling Service. Not all Debt Countseling services are experienced and legitimate. Let us review your situation before you pay any debt consolidation, debt counteling or debt assistance company. 

I love what I do and my ultimate goal is to help one million people in the next five years to become debt free and financially fit!

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