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The truth about making money online.
What is the hardest part about making money with your own business online or brick and mortar? Selling.

Most people don't like to sell. That might be you. You can do everything else to set up and run a business but you fall short when it comes to selling a product or service. That's why so many people start out with good intentions but ultimately fail. It's not due to lack of motivation to enjoy the freedom and financial benefits of owning their own business. It's the inability to make sales, or, for many, to even attempt to make sales.

That's why programs like the 5K Formula from Matthew Nerr are so attractive. They make big promises in their marketing like:

  • What if you could Make money WITHOUT selling?
  • No Selling Required, GET PAID
  • 100% Done For You (DFY) Online Business System

Neer says, "If you’re like me, you probably hate selling stuff. You just wanna make money without having do any of the grunt work. Right?
I feel you. That’s why I always look for systems that can help me to automate
that process, and just send me commissions."
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Matthew Neer’s Promises
Matthew Neer’s 5k Formula System is said to be a new instant commission system that makes the owner $5,000 on autopilot and for free. Matthew claims he’s able to generate between $600 and $700 daily, using his system. Matthew promises you a done-for-you system for creating wealth on the Internet.

He says he’s been raking in lots of money on the Internet, using his system secretly. He says he’s never disclosed his secret of making multiple thousand dollars online, and that he’s finally going to let you into his secret by showing you the quickest route to making your first 5k online. He says he has a special sales funnel system that gets him money on demand like a digital ATM.

Make Money While You Sleep
Matthew wants you to believe his method is so easy he even does it in his sleep. He says he has engineered a sales funnel system that converts Internet traffic into cold, hard cash, on demand. He claims his system is a set and forget kind that affords him all the freedom he needs to travel the world and do the things he loves doing, whenever he desires.

He does it in his sleep

Matthew Neer would like you to believe that the reason he’s trying to help you is because he loves helping people, but furthermore, he discloses that he also has the motive of leveraging your efforts to scale his business up to $1,000,000 while you also make lots of money and develop a dependable income, working with him.

Your Success Is Tied to His
He says since his success is tied to yours, he’ll have to give you as much hand holding as possible, through the processes, to ensure your financial success, which will also enable him scale his success to the next plane. He’d have you believe that this is different from anything you’ve ever come across before.

Heck, he even says you won’t need to sell, do SEO, do MLM, do Facebook, do blogging or do CPA. He calls what he’s offering you “Your Very Own Automated Selling System.” Matthew promises to hand you your own sales funnel, which you can brand as you please and make 100% sales commissions with.

100% Commissions
He promises you 100% commissions on all the products in his sales funnel, including the upsells. He says all your needs have been put in place to ensure you make the most profit for every click you send to an offer. He says you’ll have the marketing tools you need to work with, all done for you and ready to go.

Again, he says there’ll be no hosting required, no domain name required, you don’t have to be tech savvy and you don’t have to setup anything. He says it takes just five simple steps to get you on the pathway to earning sales commissions. He outlines the five steps as login to your account, connect your commission link, choose your traffic source, drive your traffic from your source to your commission link and begin to record your profits.

I’m Not Peddling 5k Formula System
I’m not an affiliate of Matthew Neer’s 5k Formula System. I’m just doing with it what I’ve done with several other Internet Marketing products, which is objectively reviewing them to provide my readers, who are looking to make money online, the much-needed insider information to help them make informed decisions as to whether or not they should stake their money and time on such products.

Some products are simply put out there by fly-by-night, Internet Marketing gurus who don’t care a bit about you or your financial success, but care about how much of your financial resources they can tap into by presenting shiny but totally worthless objects to you. The only way you can tell which products are worth your investment is by reading honest reviews, which is where I come in and why I’m writing this 100% honest review to protect you.

5k Formula System Features 

Matthew Neer’s 5k Formula System Review in Brief
This product is an affiliate marketing tools/services provider. It comprises a lot of done for you templates and swipes to make your Internet Marketing experience hassle-free. However, there are facts you must know about it before you make up your mind for or against it. Those facts are the sole essence of this review.

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After the Product Was Bought

There were about 10 upsells and down sells, amounting to the sum of $495, which were declined before access to the product was granted. In the members’ area, within the Home tab, you’ll find a vast array of done-for-you squeeze pages to choose from. You’re expected to drive traffic to these squeeze pages to build your list and send affiliate offers to. The interface of the members’ area has eight tabs namely “Home,” “Quick Start Guide,” “Traffic,” “DFY Pages,” “DFY Campaigns,” “Webinars,” “license Rights” and “Help.”

The tabs

I Was Disappointed
One of the videos on traffic got my attention. So, I dug in to see what it was about. I was disappointed to find that it was just an ad for subscribers to join a traffic forum, where members buy traffic by paying a recurrent, monthly fee of $19.95. After that, the tab labeled 30,000 views also got my attention.

So, I went through it. It was just about the basics of affiliate marketing. Covering bits from driving traffic to capturing leads and monetizing the resultant list of subscribers. Again, nothing extraordinary. Entry level newbies, though, could benefit from it.

Done for You Pages
The “DFY PAGES,” which is done for you pages, in full, are exactly the same as the ones within the home tab. They’re an array of ready-made squeeze pages to use for lead capturing, which is a service you could get from any of the various autoresponders. This is also nothing unusual in the world of email/affiliate marketing.

The done for you pages

Free Traffic That Requires a Budget
The video on free traffic, which is titled “Introduction to Viral List Builders” starts with a contradiction. It says, “FREE Traffic,” then, right below that, it says “How to Build A List on A Budget.” The question is, do you have to have a budget for something free? Remember the word is “free.” Matthew Neer didn’t even say affordable or inexpensive traffic. Yet, he hints the need for a budget. This guy wants nothing but your money. isn’t it clear?

Free traffic that costs money

Your Tribe Will Hate You for This
I proceeded to the DFY campaigns, which are actually email swipes prewritten by Matthew Neer and his team for members to download and upload to their autoresponders and send periodically to their lists. The problem with these email swipes is that they probably won’t resonate with your tribe because they’re not originally yours.

Those emails will lack your unique touch, which is one of the things members of your tribe probably signed up for. Everyone who’s into email marketing in-depth knows that if they have a real relationship with their subscribers, nothing short of emails written by themselves will do to send periodically, via Autoresponder, to their highly priced subscribers. They can’t let someone else write the emails that they send to their subscribers. Besides, you can’t get these email swipes for free. You have to upgrade to access them.

You need to upgrade for the swipes
Click to zoom

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You’re Not Allowed beyond a Limit

For the record, I clicked on the Webinars tab and discovered that some feature of the members’ area aren’t available to some members. For instance, the webinars aren’t available to members who haven’t handed over enough money to Matthew Neer to upgrade to a higher membership status, or, as part of the message on the website puts it, “this content is not yet available to you (or may have already expired).”

No access to webinars
The exact same message was displayed when I clicked on the License Rights tab.

Final Rating: C
There’s nothing special about this product. It’s probably going to make some folks money. Those folks could be anybody from Matthew Neer to his affiliates. But, you’d be lucky to be numbered among those who make money with this without much hard work.

The point is you can make money with it only if you’re willing and ready to work very hard. Even at that, how much you make will typically not be fantastic. Don’t let Matthew Neer’s pampering words mislead you. You can’t make money with this while you sleep. There’s no way around the hard work.

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