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Americans choose losing Debt over losing weight 

Mike about Money | Lose Debt

CompareCards recently released a report that found Americans are prioritizing losing debt over losing weight in 2019.

Below are some of the key findings, and you can view the full report here

Key findings:

Losing debt is a bigger priority than losing weight.

More than 4 in 10 Americans (41%) say losing debt is a top priority in the new year, while 34% said losing weight would be their primary focus and 25% say neither is a priority.

Millennials and Generation X are most focused on bringing down debt. Nearly half of millennials and Gen Xers (both at 47%) said debt was their top priority.

Just 34% of Boomers, 31% of the Silent Generation and 29% of Generation Z said the same.

Men are less likely to make either weight loss or debt reduction a priority. A third of men (33%) said neither losing weight or losing debt would be a top priority of theirs in 2019. That compares to just 19% of women. However, the most common response for both men (38%) and women (43%) was that losing debt would be their main priority.

Wealthy Americans are most likely to prioritize weight loss. Nearly half (47%) of people with $100,000 or more in income said losing weight is a top priority, versus 27% who plan to prioritize losing debt.

We’re not willing to spend much money to be healthier.

When asked “How much are you willing to spend to lose weight/be healthier after the holidays?” just 15% said they’d be open to spending more than $100, while 43% said they don’t plan to change their health habits at all after the holidays.