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Are you tired of doing WITHOUT?

Mike about Money | Tired of Doing Without

After months, and even years of working to pay down debts and not spending money on much else, a family can start to tire of the discipline required to stay on track month after month with no splurging or spending on "fun" things. Some families get used to the minimalist lifestyle without much effort, while other families constantly struggle under the strain of watching every dollar so carefully.

For many people, it's similar to trying to stay on a diet. Depriving oneself of favorite foods eventually can lead to binge eating. Eating one, seemingly, innocent potato chip, can lead to eating an entire bag. The same thing can happen with spending deprivation. Every marketing channel around us, from TV to the Internet, is screaming for us to spend money. It's not easy to avoid the temptations for long. Many individuals and families destroy months of successful financial management and debt reduction with a few days or weeks of uncontrolled spending and borrowing on credit.

To avoid the temptation of falling off of the proverbial "debt management wagon," give yourself permission to spend on some enjoyment for you and your family on a planned, regular basis. Maybe once a month or every few months as a reward for your hard work. This spending would be planned and affordable and you would be in control of the expenses, but, let it be something fun. It does not have to be something expensive or big. It can be a simple movie rental or trip to the movie theater. Maybe a nice meal out?  A car ride without worrying about the cost of fuel might be all the family needs. Something to help let off some steam and relax a bit while you celebrate your progress. 

The effort to reduce the feelings of, "always doing without," is as important as the work you do week after week to balance your family budget to keep up with paying your bills. Plan to spend some time and money to reduce that feeling of doing without and your chances or staying on your debt management plan to completion will be greatly enhanced.

Take Action!  
Check your budget, then get the family together to discuss some ways everyone would like to celebrate the great progress you've made so far and make everyone feel that their sacrifices are recognized and much appreciated. Remind everyone that with continued efforts, a debt free future is closer than ever.